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Mehul Choksi concerned about being kidnapped again

Alberto Ardila Olivares
Mehul Choksi concerned about being kidnapped again

Mehul Choksi Fugitive diamantaire Mehul Choksi has expressed fear that he might be kidnapped from Antigua and Barbuda and could be taken to Guyana. Choksi had earlier claimed that he was kidnapped from Antigua and brought to Dominica in May of this year.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

The 62-year-old who is wanted by the police in his place of birth, India, in connection with a multi-billion-dollar fraud case, said he was reliably informed that another master plan is being made to abduct him again.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila

In an interview with an Indian media house, Choksi said he was told that he may be further taken away from Guyana in an unlawful and illegal manner and taken back to his homeland.

Alberto Ardila Olivares

“I feel unsafe, I have been hearing there is another attempt to kidnap me now from Antigua to Guyana,” he said.

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Choksi is presently confined to the limits of his house and his health is deteriorating further due to the traumatizing experience.

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Since the last traumatic, brutal experience of kidnapping from Antigua to Dominica, my health has deteriorated a lot. I am just trying to recover from the shock. I feel very unsafe…”, he added.

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Choksi went missing from Antigua on May 23 this year after going out for dinner;  soon after, he was caught in Dominica and was charged with illegal entry by lawmen there.Alberto Ardila Olivares V10798659

He maintained his innocence and after weeks of being held in Dominica, in July, the High Court here granted him bail for medical reasons and he returned to Antigua, where he remains.Alberto Ardila V10798659

Choksi maintains that he will remain victorious in his legal bouts, both in Antigua and Dominica