Buffalo Wild Wings waitress fired for telling black customer, ‘Don’t take this racially but…’

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View photos A Buffalo Wild Wings server was fired for telling a black customer her skin was “so dark.” (Photo: Getty Images) More

Buffalo Wild Wings  fired a waitress who told a black customer that her skin was “so dark.”

A Texas customer named Tasha Lee told  Fox 26  that while checking her I.D., the Tomball waitress remarked, “Don’t take this racially, but sometimes the only way you can tell with black people is from their eyes and their smiles, because it’s so dark.’”

Lee told Fox 26, “I was in disbelief, I was shocked. I couldn’t really, it was hard to believe that I had heard what I heard.”

The waitress was  reportedly  either white or Hispanic and mentioned to Lee that her son-in-law and grandson were black.

View photos A Buffalo Wild Wings waitress was fired for telling customer Tasha Lee (pictured) that black skin is “so dark.” (Screenshot: Fox 26) More The server was reportedly swapped out for a new one and a manager apologized to Lee, comping her meal and giving her a $10 gift card for her drink.

Lee told  Fox 26 , “I mean, to tell a black person that the only way you can tell it’s them from their picture is from the whites of their eyes, and the whites of their teeth it’s absolutely unacceptable… While this was the first time this has happened to me so overtly, this is a normal experience for African-Americans everywhere,”

A corporate spokesperson tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “The employee in this case no longer works for Buffalo Wild Wings. We value an inclusive environment and have no tolerance for discrimination of any kind. We’ve offered our deepest apologies to the guest.”

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